Monday, February 7, 2011

Hidden Gems -- The Last Dragon

My primary purpose for this blog is to highlight books that are quite wonderful but often overlooked. Many times they have won awards, but they are not as well known, or as well read, among the students at any given school. For the sake of the great story alone I will attempt to bring some attention to books that I think merit it.

My first entry for this would have to be The Last Dragon by Silvana de Mari. This book has won the Batchelder Award and deservedly so. When I present it to my students, I usually preface it this way: "If I told you this book was about an elf who must find the last dragon, you might roll your eyes and think Another one? But, trust me, this one is different." I go on to explain that what is great about a book is not always the story line, for it can seem quite similar quite often, it's the ability of the author to tell the story. Silvana de Mari knows how to tell a story. The prose is beautiful without being stuffy and the reader is drawn immediately into the world of the main character.

For any fantasy reader, it's a must. It's also for anyone who just likes a good story told well.

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