Monday, January 31, 2011

The Premier Post

Ah, yes. I have finally joined the millions who feel their thoughts are too good not to be shared. Truly, I never thought I would succumb to the temptation. And yet, here I am. Mostly I will post thoughts on good reads for middle schoolers, cool technology for kids, and random thoughts about straddling the love of the printed page and the fascination with technology.

Because I want my kids at my school to read this, I can guarantee you that it will be clean and (hopefully) helpful.

Can I just close by saying that I already have a complaint about bloggers? (Or would-be bloggers, I should say.) The best and simplest addresses that I could have used are taken by people who are NOT blogging. They haven't posted anything in the last two or three years -- or worse -- posted *anything* at all *ever*! Surely there is some way to make these people relinquish blog sites that they are no longer using. Thoughts? Ideas?